It's not always about the next best thing; sometimes it's just about making current technologies more accessible to those who need them. Many treatment options, including those for cancer, are unavailable to patients simply because of cost. Scientists and engineers are creating solutions to make these improved treatment options more viable, and therefore more available to the individuals who need them. With decades of proven fabrication and manufacturing success, large-scale capacity, and end-to-end capabilities, Ranor is the partner they rely on to make their challenging designs a reality.

Drawing on cross-market insights, including our proven nuclear component solutions, Ranor adheres to your stringent tolerances and specifications and delivers components that meet your precision requirements. An ASME certified fabrication and manufacturing partner, Ranor can work with you when requested and help optimize the manufacturability of these large-scale, critical components, possibly reducing production times and costs. Our end-to-end fabrication and manufacturing capacity produce turnkey solutions for the medical industry, with precision, efficiency, and quality.

Component capabilities include:

  • Proton beam equipment

Fabrication and Machining Snapshot: Medical

Proton Beam Radiation Therapy Equipment