In growing industries such as wind, viability of a technology—the overall cost as it relates to overall output—is a concern. But, what's equally a concern is the quality of the critical components utilized in that technology—the assurance that these large-scale components meet your exacting specifications. Our end-to-end fabrication and machining solutions can help you achieve and verify the tolerances and quality your large-scale wind components demand.

The end-to-end, large-scale fabrication and machining capacity at Ranor ensures efficient production, as well as adherence to your schedule, which can help you achieve a better output-to-cost ratio. If requested, we can provide suggestions to help improve the manufacturability of your critical, large-scale components, potentially lowering the overall production costs. Additionally, our Quality Assurance Program ensures your large-scale wind components are delivered with the quality and precision your engineered specifications require.

Component capabilities include:

  • Housings
  • Turbine shafts
  • Mounting rings
  • Generators