Production Control

Our collective, professional insights and experience, coupled with end-to-end fabrication and machining services, give Ranor the ability to deliver cost-effective, efficient solutions—but it's the work of our Production Control Team that ensures our promise of precision and quality is delivered on time. The moment you engage Ranor, our Production Control Team is involved, dedicated to meeting the critical milestones and deadlines for your large-scale components.

The Production Control Team reviews each and every PO to check delivery feasibility before we accept the project. From receipt of the RFQ to final shipping, they are responsible for scheduling and expediting the end-to-end process. Your direct contact to Ranor, our Production Control Team communicates the project's progress regularly, as well as coordinates final shipping arrangements of your large-scale, precision components.

Additional responsibilities include:

  • Assigns lead times for every quote
  • Establishes priorities in engineering, purchasing, and manufacturing
  • Continually assesses job progress
  • Monitors capacity in all manufacturing areas to ensure on-time completion
  • Creates weekly progress reports
  • Schedules updates according to customer requirements