Medical: Proton Beam Radiation Therapy Equipment

Proton beam radiation therapy is a promising cancer treatment option, but the size and cost of instituting the necessary equipment has made widespread access to the treatment a challenge. Having devised an innovative design to address these hurdles, scientists and engineers approached Ranor seeking our expertise. Our end-to-end, large-scale manufacturing capacity, as well as our reputation for successfully tackling technically advanced machining and fabrication challenges, made us the ideal partner to help bring this next generation technology to market.

The project called for the manufacturing and assembly of very large, precision components to fit the smallest possible footprint, while adhering to the design's tight tolerances and the client's tight budget. Ranor was able to successfully deliver a turnkey system with the quality, precision, and efficiency the client required. Ranor not only met the client's budget constraints, but also provided them with a work cell so that testing could be performed prior to shipment.  As a result of our efforts, we were awarded an exclusive manufacturing agreement, the client saw their idea become a reality, and patients will receive greater access to proton beam radiation therapy.