National Laboratories: Radio Telescope Components

The fabrication and machining insights of Ranor can not only deliver precision, effective manufacturing solutions in the shop, but also in the field. In producing the highly advanced radio telescope components used for stellar observation and radio astronomy, it was necessary to perform the part production in-house and the finishing welding and installation at the radio telescope's delivery destination, all of which required an innovative end-to-end manufacturing plan.

At our facility, Ranor preformed a significant amount of fabrication on the radio telescope's infrastructures, much of which required custom fixturing and exact welds so that the client's tight tolerances could be achieved. In addition to the in-house sub-assembly finishing, the team at Ranor executed the final integration and assembly on location, delivering creative solutions in real time as any challenge arose. Our large-scale, end-to-end component manufacturing capacity, coupled with decades of challenging fabrication and machining experience, allowed Ranor to successfully provide a turnkey solution that met the client's critical specifications and delivery timetable.