Vacuum Chambers

Used for numerous applications in a variety of industries—including scientific research and material processing—vacuum chambers are designed to withstand powerful forces that affect the structures. So having verification that the tolerances and specifications you demand, and the quality welds and fixturing you need, are achieved is an important step in meeting your project’s objectives. The unmatched manufacturing experience, large-scale capacity, and end-to-end fabrication and machining capabilities at Ranor allow us to produce vacuum chambers that meet your demands for quality and precision.

Ranor has decades of experience performing the critical fabrication and machining to meet our clients' demanding tolerance and specification requirements. Along with our certified, experienced manufacturing professionals, our quality assurance and production control teams work together to deliver cost-effective, turnkey vacuum chambers—verified for quality and precision—delivered on time and within budget.

Vacuum Chamber Capabilities

Solar/LED: Amorphous-silicon (a-Si) and CIGs Equipment
National Laboratories: Vacuum Chambers